2.17 Virus

3036Mrs. Brooklyn Lambert
2 Fairfield Drive
Bradford, Saint Cloud

Thursday, September 29, 3036

Dear Katina,

I understand that it may be expensive but it’s important that you take Ruth to a doctor as quickly as possible. Saint Cloud has been struck by a terrible Simfluenza virus and the newspapers report a dramatic increase in the number of related deaths. If treated early there should be no cause for alarm but it would be prudent to confirm that Ruth did not contract the virus while she was here.

Unfortunately, Chantel began showing signs of Simfluenza a few weeks ago and has been violently ill since last Wednesday. She has been locked up in quarantine for several days, we’re all hoping it won’t be for much longer. She’ll have to miss her piano recital but since we can’t afford to take her to a doctor or pay for medication she’ll have to rely on lots of sleep, home remedies and bubble baths until she starts to recover. She’s anxious to continue improving her culinary skills — she’s a real natural cook, just like Francois. Honestly, I think it’s her own way of honouring his memory and we don’t at all mind her Sunday crepes so I encourage her time in the kitchen. Besides, the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach and if Chantel has any hope of finding a husband, it will be due to her cooking!

Carabella continues to ignore my calls and invitations, I just don’t know what to do. Perhaps she is in contact with you or Marisa?  My dear sister, I know we have had our differences but surely Carabella judges me too harshly. If you could find it in your heart to talk to her? To explain that everything I’ve done, all the money I saved for us, was for her own good? I would be most grateful if you could help. After all, who else can I rely on if not the Familia?

And last, but not least, little Chelsea has been invited by the Debate Team to be their president. She accepted with a quiet pride but I could tell that she was nervous. Her teachers tell me that her performance at debate tournaments is very impressive, I’m pleased that all my years of demanding perfection are finally starting to pay off.

As soon as Chantel is feeling better, she and I will visit you and Ruth. My widow’s pension will help to cover the airfare and we could always sell a few of Mama’s antique books to make up the difference. I want to ensure that Chantel retains some of our family traditions so I think some time in the Old World would be a good idea. She’s also looking forward to spending more time with Ruth. I’m glad the girls have a close relationship with at least one of their cousins. We don’t hear very much from Marisa or her daughter, Concetta. I often wonder if Concetta turned out to be as flirtatious as her mother.

Your loving sister,


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