4.06 Talking to Ghosts

3061Mrs. Denver Milford
14 Poker Flats Drive

Thursday, November 14, 3061

Dear Liliya,

I woke up early this morning, put a smile on my face and made pancakes. The never-ending housework and being a good mother to Eugene and little Arthur Jr. keeps me busy and I’m generally quite content. But honestly, nothing makes me unhappier than cleaning a toilet!

We invited Mother to stay with us for a few days so we could all celebrate Eugene’s birthday together. What a disaster. A few times I heard her talking in the other room when she didn’t think anyone was listening but I know she was completely alone.  Do you think she’s talking to Mikhail? She and Arthur argued almost every day and when she slapped him for no reason he finally put his foot down.  She won’t be visiting us again.

Unfortunately, Eugene has grown up to be absent-minded, just like his father.  But one thing he never forgets is how much he loves skating. The entire lake has frozen over and Eugene is on the ice every chance he gets. He’s happy to have a little brother and can’t wait for Arthur Jr. to be older so they can skate together.

Arthur seems more and more withdrawn, he’ll sit for hours contemplating the meaninglessness of life.  I suppose it’s the price of his artistic genius but I do wish he wouldn’t be so gloomy.  His first book of poetry, Dreams of Autumn, did quite well and the royalty payments are enough to pay the bills. But now he spends most of his time at the library working on his new book Death of a Waitress. He tells me that I’m the only woman who will ever really understand him, but to be honest I’m not sure that I do.

Strangely, although I find myself yearning for new, happy adventures, I’m desperate to have another baby. It’s too early to tell and I haven’t told Arthur yet, but I think I might be pregnant again! I do wish you and Pasha would bring the boys to visit us, Eugene still asks about Nikki all the time.  Liliya, It’s been too long since we laughed.

All my love,

3 thoughts on “4.06 Talking to Ghosts

  1. I’m so sorry things have wound out so badly for Chelsea.

    And it sounds like I didn’t give Arthur enough credit. He may be broody and a bit, well, oppressive? But he does seem to care for Denver.

    Looks like Arthur Jr. is NOT an heir. Let’s see about child #3 :).

    1. There’s certainly a dark side to Arthur – it’s ironic that it was his mysterious side that first attracted Denver to him.

      Thanks for reading and commenting Susan! 🙂

    2. Oh my God. What a great way to start my morning. I almost spilled my coffee from laughing so hard. Gotta see thisLike ‘For a Good Time, Call’ on Faeodockboreen lamoureux

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