4.10 So Much to Learn

3066Ms. Denver Milford
27 Herring Ranch Road

Tuesday, April 3, 3066

Dear Liliya,

Time is passing so quickly, it seems like only yesterday I was helping Eugene with his homework. It’s sad that I can’t see him enjoying his final years as a teenager but I’m relieved that he’s enjoying his time at boarding school. His teachers are wonderful and I think it’s good for him to be around kind, intelligent men who can motivate and inspire him. I’ve always felt guilty that he never got a chance to know his real father.

Meanwhile Arthur Jr. always seems to have his nose in a book, just like his father. Unfortunately, he’s also become quite rebellious and has stayed out after curfew more than a few times.  Things were so much easier when he was a quiet, little boy!  I’ve already made some inquiries at Smugglesworth Prep School and they’ve agreed to accept him for the next semester.

Thankfully sweet, little Mikki brings me nothing but joy. He’s always doing his best to make me smile, he doesn’t seem to take after Arthur at all!

My horse riding lessons have been going very well, although I must admit that I love my outfit more than I love taking care of my horse.  Shamus is a male Irish Draught and although he’s very agile, he’s also quite shy and ornery.  Last week he was spooked by a lightning storm and I haven’t been able to handle him properly since.  I think it may be time to put him up for sale.

You know me well enough to understand that I can’t sit still for very long. My next project is so exciting, I’ve been bursting to tell you! A month ago I finally finished negotiations and the paperwork has finally been completed.  I am now the proud owner of the Milford Gallery, Twinbrook’s finest art gallery. I wanted to leave something behind for the boys, something permanent and meaningful. And now I can finally focus on honing my creative skills, I’ve already signed up for sculpting lessons!

Thank you so much for sending the family photos, it’s hard to believe that you and Pasha are getting older. It was quite a shock to see my brother with grey hair! As I get closer to reaching “middle age” I feel myself clinging to my youth.  I still have so much to learn, so many people to meet, I’m not ready to be old!

Liliya you continue exude dignity and grace with each passing year, getting older doesn’t seem to bother you at all. What is your secret?

All my love,

2 thoughts on “4.10 So Much to Learn

  1. This post really captured both Denver’s zeal for learning and her short attention span :). Shall I guess that she’s going to max either sculpting or painting for her LTW?

    1. Short attention span, even with her children! But she does seem to be able to stay focused on painting for longer than a few minutes …

      Thanks for reading and for your comments Susan 🙂

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