4.12 Secrets

3068Ms. Denver Milford
27 Herring Ranch Road

Friday, September 11, 3068

Dear Liliya,

Please don’t judge me but I’ve been keeping a guilty secret and I just have to tell someone!

After my birthday I fell into a kind of depression, I felt old and obsolete. I lost interest in my gallery and my art, I just couldn’t find any inspiration. Eugene is busy with his plans to study in China next year, Arthur Jr. and Mikki are away at boarding school, and my Twinbrooks friends have all fallen to discussing grandchildren and their various illnesses. I found myself struggling to find my purpose.

However, a few months ago Jeffry, Eugene’s half-brother, began spending more time at the house. The boys don’t really have much in common and I think Eugene is secretly jealous of Jeffry’s relationship with their father. But Jeffry always found a reason to visit, always bringing me little gifts and surprises. He’s so kind and thoughtful, always taking the time to bring some happiness into my lonely life. And yet it came as a complete surprise when, in the middle of an animated conversation about performance art, he leaned over and kissed me. We’ve been having a secret affair ever since! I’m deliriously happy. He makes me laugh, he makes me feel attractive, and he makes me feel young again.

Of course, no one can ever find out, especially Eugene. He would be so angry! I know it’s unfair to ask but I beg you to keep my secret. Liliya, I am finally happy — surely you can understand that? I have energy and purpose again. I find myself springing out of bed every morning, happy to be alive! And I’m focused on the gallery again, after many months of stagnation. Next month’s re-opening will be so exciting, I do hope you and Pasha will come.

All my love,

2 thoughts on “4.12 Secrets

  1. Bwah! If Denver’s going to engage in a scandalous affair, her son’s half-brother takes the cake!

    Sounds like we’re getting very close to handing the reins to Eugene….

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