4.08 No Question

3063Mrs. Denver Milford
14 Poker Flats Drive

Sunday, July 19, 3063

Dear Liliya,

It was good to see you and Pasha at Mother’s funeral, I only wish we could have reunited under happier circumstances.  I’m flattered that you chose to confide in me, I’m sure you and Pasha will be able to work through this difficult time in your marriage. Mother’s deterioration following Mikhail’s death brought a great deal of stress to Pasha, I hope her passing will finally allow him to relax and focus on you and the boys.

It seems this is a year of unhappiness for us all.  I should have known better. I should have listened to you and Pasha when you tried to warn me about Arthur’s dark side. He may be an artistic genius but something much more sinister lurks beneath his brooding silence.

We had a terrible argument. I don’t even remember how it started but over the course of a few hours it got worse and worse, each insult and accusation nastier than the last. I’m not proud of the things I said to my husband, but I don’t think I will ever forgive Arthur for what he did next. I was screaming at him, trying to make him understand my point, when he just snapped. He came lunging towards me, his arm raised to strike, and the next thing I knew I was on the floor. I think he was as stunned as I was, but when I saw the darkness in his eyes I knew that this time wouldn’t be the last. I asked him to pack his bags that night and he left the house without further debate. Eugene is being very brave but the younger boys haven’t stopped crying since. The bruises on my face will heal but there is no question in my mind. Our marriage is over.

Oh Liliya, once again I am a single mother but this time with three children. Who would have me?

Please take good care of yourselves and visit us if you can.

All my love,


5 thoughts on “4.08 No Question

  1. Oh, no! So many sad things! 🙁

    That Chelsea passed away is bad enough, but that $%€&%@# of a man hitting Denver, that’s another thing altogether! >:-( Too bad she’s by herself once again, but calling her marriage off was the thing to do.

    1. It was definitely the right thing to do! To be honest, Arthur surprised me as much as Denver. All of a sudden he launched into a fight, without my doing!

  2. Wow. You weren’t kidding about Arthur’s dark side! At least he left when she told him to. If he’d tried to force her to stay with him, it could have been a lot worse. Poor Denver.

    1. Turns out Arthur’s dark side was even darker than I thought. His assault on Denver wasn’t controlled by me at all, it was all his own doing! Good thing Denver got out in time …

      1. Whoa! I love it when the game hands you story hooks you weren’t looking for. There’s been this unease about Arthur from the start. Turns out it was really justified.

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