Meet the Heirs


Our Legacy begins with Blood is Thicker than Water written by Amerika De Witte who hails from an orphanage in East Egg, Long Island run by Dr. Maguire and Sister Rose. Through her letters home Amerika reveals that she is artistic, family-oriented, neat, nurturing and proper.

Brooklyn_ScrawlGeneration Two carries on the Cliché Legacy with A Penny Saved is a Penny Earned. Brooklyn Scorleone was born and raised in traditional Sicily where a woman is expected to follow her man’s lead. From her mother she inherited her neatness, from her father she inherited her temper. A frugal perfectionist, Brooklyn has a flair for the dramatic.

Chelsea PW ObliqueThe saga continues with Generation Three in Knowledge is Power through letters written by Chelsea Lambert. The youngest of three sisters, Chelsea grew up with insomnia, itchy sweaters, and a green thumb.  A neat perfectionist, like her mother, Chelsea let her interest in plants guide her into the male-dominated world of science and medicine. Chelsea is a hopeless romantic, ready to do anything for the men in her life.

Denver_NoteraVariety is the Spice of Life and Generation Four begins with a difficult choice for Denver Karev. With an insatiable thirst for new experiences, Denver is flirty, over-emotional and charismatic. She’s a great kisser with commitment issues. This fourth female heir has a healthy lust for life and just can’t imagine her life as a single mother in Saint Cloud.

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