3.18 His Last Wish

Dr. Chelsea Karev
Manoir Moelleux
320 rue de la Knott
Brome-Lunaire, Québec

Sunday, November 11, 3055

Dear Mikhail,

Oh my dearest son, it seems our family is surrounded by sadness and death. I realize that your sister has already informed you of your father’s passing but it’s important that you know how much he loved you. While it’s true that you two were never able to see eye to eye, I always hoped that you could repair the relationship with your father. It breaks my heart to know that he died without your love and support. But you are his first-born son and no matter what troubled waters have run through this family, he never stopped worrying about you and he never stopped loving you. You deserve to know at least that much about the man who gave you your life.

Of course we were devastated to hear about Aunt Ruth’s death, I know that must have been very difficult for you. I can’t sleep at night, worried how you will cope in a foreign country without her help. She was a sister and a friend to me and I will miss her deeply.

We all hope you continue with your current book, I see great things ahead for you, dear Mikahil. Perhaps you may finally meet a nice girl in Trapani and discover the real meaning of love and family. I’ve enclosed an extra prescription for your “perfect pills” – please remember what we discussed and use the appropriate caution when taking them.

In a strange twist of fate, Pasha has been transferred to the hospital in Saint Cloud so we’ll be moving next month. It will be sad to leave Brome-Lunaire but there is some comfort in going back to the place where I met my loving husband so many years ago. I’ll send you our new address just as soon as we confirm it. According to the instructions in your father’s will, it was his last wish to have ownership of the house transfer to your brother. I know this must hurt you, but please know that your father had his reasons.

Please take care of yourself and write soon. We miss you.



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      1. Parallels were less than tenuous. And Christie hasn’t been &#&8;02Hummana-Hummaning8#2221;, he’s just acknowledged the problems. OTOH – Has Corzine explained why he paid off Katz, or shown us the email correspondence he had when they were negotiating on the side a couple of years ago? Or did he send his AG’s office to court, spending our tax money, to keep his treachery a secret?

    1. Yes, it is! Still my favourite world to play although I can’t play for long before my game starts to lag and crash 🙁 Thanks for reading and commenting Hannah 🙂

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