3.20 Guilty?

Dr. Chelsea Karev
2 Fairfield Drive
Bradford, Saint Cloud

Monday, March 3, 3056

My dearest Denver,

Forgive me, I can barely manage to write this letter. I am awake but I find myself living in a dark, horrifying nightmare. It’s Mikhail. I was contacted by the Trapani police this morning. He was found dead yesterday in the garden at Aunt Ruth’s house in Santa Vita. They suspect it was an overdose. They began asking all manner of questions about the number of pills found in his possession but Pasha quickly intervened on my behalf and assured them that the prescriptions that I issued were legitimate.

When you announced your pregnancy and plans to have your baby in seclusion, miles away from your family in Saint Cloud, I honestly thought my heart would break. But my disappointment and worry is nothing compared with this. I don’t know how to cope. I cannot eat, I cannot sleep. I cannot even bring myself to speak. I know that Pasha is angry with me and blames me for Mikhail’s death while Liliya is insisting that I admit myself for psychiatric evaluation. It’s clear that I am no longer welcome in this house.

I always believed that knowledge is power but I underestimated the power of guilt.

Oh my dear daughter, what have I done?

All my love,

3 thoughts on “3.20 Guilty?

    1. Poor Chelsea indeed, with all her background in science and medicine you would have thought she would no that there is no such thing as a magic cure! Thanks so much for reading Susan 🙂

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