4.03 Fresh Start

3058Ms. Denver Karev
14 Poker Flats Drive

Thursday,  August 12, 3058

Dear Liliya,

Greetings from Twinbrook! I’ve almost finished unpacking, thank you for letting me take some of the old family portraits. Our new home is lovely and Eugene and I are settling in nicely. The town is full of interesting people, I’m sure we will make good friends here. Those close-minded women in Saint Cloud often sneered when they asked about Eugene’s father, I am hopeful that people here won’t be so judgemental. I know it won’t be easy but I have no regrets about my decision to be a single mother. It’s a shame people can’t understand that I’m not a terrible woman with “loose morals” chasing after their husbands.

It was hard to leave you all behind but the only way we can have a fresh start is in a new town where no one knows us. I don’t usually let gossip bother me but the vicious rumour mill was simply too much to take. Just before we left Bradford I discovered that Niklaus, Eugene’s father, had a previous child out of wedlock with another woman. The child’s name is Jeffry and he lives with his mother in Saint Cloud. Do you think I should tell Eugene that he has an older brother?

Speaking of brothers, I am so pleased to hear that you and Pasha are expecting another child! You must be tickled pink. Eugene often asks about his cousin, Nikki, and I assure him that you’ll come to visit us in our new home soon. You will, won’t you?

Que sera, sera, dear Liliya. Whatever will be, will be but I must admit that I have a good feeling about this place.

All my love,

4 thoughts on “4.03 Fresh Start

  1. Twinbrook! That’s one place I’ve never played. Awesome.

    I love how your characters keep leaving and returning to St. Cloud. It remains the St. Cloud cliche while letting you range further afield.

    And little Eugene has an older half-brother, eh? Sounds like his dad’s a real prize.

    1. It’s hard to keep Denver in once place! 😉 I love Twinbrook, one of my favourite towns but we’ll always come back to Saint Cloud …

      Yep, Eugene’s real father is a first-class jerk 🙁

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