2.06 Fredo No More


Ms. Brooklyn Monty
2 Fairfield Drive
Bradford, Saint Cloud

Monday, December 27, 3024

My dearest Don Tino Bastijn,

Oh my gosh, as if hosting one funeral wasn’t expensive enough!  I suppose Papa’s passing shouldn’t have come as a surprise, but his timing was really quite awful.  We understand that you and Stella couldn’t make it for his funeral, one family trip to Saint Cloud this year was enough strain on the cash reserves.  I’m sure Papa would have understood.

Natalia, on the other hand, seems to have lost all understanding and control. The night before the funeral I knew we had to get some sleep, but she just wouldn’t stop sobbing and blubbering.  Ever since Papa died the wails from her bedroom are unbearable. Honestly, she really does carry on too much sometimes.  And all this just before Christmas! Doesn’t she understand how much more stress she’s causing me?

Dear brother, I may be stone-hearted but I’m not entirely heartless. After the funeral was all over I sat quietly and played the piano until the the sun began to rise. It was the best way I could think of to remember Papa and to honour his memory.

I met a woman at the Bradford grocery store this week and we got to chatting as we clipped our coupons together in the produce aisle. It seems that Natalia and I are known in the neighbourhood as “The Widow and the Old Maid”. How delightful.

Life is misery, Tino. Everything is just so unfair.

Your devoted sister,


PS: I’ve enclosed a few pieces of jewellery that I found among Papa’s things. We have no use for such extravagant things, I thought you could give them to Cosette as a reminder of Mamma’s Familia.

4 thoughts on “2.06 Fredo No More

  1. Aww, how sad their father should have died so close to Christmas time! 🙁 Natalia seems to have taken it badly…

    “The widow and the old maid”, eh? Descriptive, but mean nonetheless. These gossipers…

    1. Flick. The “you must have no life!” argument isn’t really washing at this point. Pot. Meet the kettle who boils over to the point she turns Tweets into blog posts.I am quite willing to admit that I am pein-ymttded.

  2. Ah Marsar, you’re paying attention to the dates on the letters 🙂 Yes, poor Natalia – it’s not easy being an Old Maid when you’re still young!

  3. aq denger n sempet baca ada yg blang magnum it emulsix terbuat dr minyak babi? Apa it bener? Wahh q penggemar berat magnum ni,, so q mw thu jwban yg benerx gmn sich? Apa it hanya issue aj yg bsa ngjteaohin reputasix magnum?

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