4.11 Brothers and Cousins

3067Ms. Denver Milford
27 Herring Ranch Road

Sunday, August 18, 3067

Dear Liliya,

I saw a group of protesters outside the gallery today and I immediately thought of my dear brother, Mikhail. I felt my eyes filling up with tears and I had to run away before anyone noticed, I look old and ugly when I cry. However, someone did notice and you’ll never guess who. A sweet, young man offered me a tissue and after we chatted for a little while I discovered that it was Eugene’s half-brother, Jeffry Havens!  He’s only a few years older than Eugene and not nearly as handsome but there’s just something about him. Perhaps he reminds me of his father, Niklaus. I never could resist “Dr. Whittington”, I think Jeffry has inherited his charismatic magnetism. Jeffry told me that Niklaus has aged very quickly in the last few years, do you think I should arrange for Eugene to meet his father before it’s too late?

Eugene returned from boarding school earlier this year and shortly after that we celebrated Mikki’s birthday. It was so sad to watch Mikki waiting for his father to turn up for the party, never giving up hope that he would walk through the door at any moment.  Of course he never did. Poor Mikki, it’s like he left his happiness behind with his childhood. Now it seems he’s always grumpy, just like Arthur.

I’m sure you’re as disappointed as I am that Eugene and Nikolai aren’t getting along very well. I had always hoped that the bond they shared as cousins would always stay with them but they seem to have less and less in common as they grow older.  Let’s hope that changes, I do want our families to stay connected.

Otherwise, there isn’t much news from Twinbrook. I’ve been ill for the last few weeks, it’s so frustrating! I’ve been so bored I picked up a book and started to learn about Inventing.  I’ve learned a lot about widgets and gadgets, but I don’t think it’s really my kind of hobby. Eugene is keen to visit China and has developed an interest in the martial arts. Maybe I should try that, instead.

Please give my love to Pasha and the boys.


2 thoughts on “4.11 Brothers and Cousins

  1. Denver’s scattered attention is so entertaining.

    Interesting that she reconnects with Eugene’s father’s family at this point. I assume that Eugene’s father knew he was a father?

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