About the Legacy

This is a Sims 3 Legacy Blog based on a Challenge called It’s So Cliché.

Fate dictates the path of the Legacy but the illusion of chance and free will remain. We begin our story in the picturesque and cosmopolitan city of Saint Cloud*, at 14 Collins Street in the neighbourhood of Netherby, to be exact.

Where the story ends has yet to be revealed …

Letters home are written by each successive heir, creating an intriguing tale of lies, deceit, hope and love spanning ten generations.

You can start reading from the first letter here.

A few additional legacy rules have been imposed in Saint Cloud as follows:

  • This is an Alphabet Legacy, beginning with Amerika De Witte.
  • Perfect Genetics rule in Saint Cloud so the heir, either male or female, is dictated by the first child born with the appearance of white hair and purple eyes (white hair will suffice).
  • The first born child must exhibit the Artistic personality trait with the aim of having ten portraits, one of each heir, in the Saint Cloud art gallery at the end of this Legacy.


* Saint Cloud is based on the custom world by Awesims, available for download here.

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