2.16 A Pure Bride

3035Mrs. Brooklyn Lambert
2 Fairfield Drive
Bradford, Saint Cloud

Friday, July 31, 3035

Dear Katina,

We worked for months sewing bridesmaid’s dresses for Chantel and Chelsea and, at the time, the effort seemed wasteful but I must admit that it was all worth it to see Carabella’s smile. She and I may not agree on much but she is still my first-born daughter and I was full of pride on her wedding day. She was such a pure and beautiful bride. Seeing her in your wedding dress brought back so many memories of your wedding to Beppe in Santa Vita. Those were such happy times.

The house feels empty without Francois and Carabella. I’m disappointed but not surprised that I haven’t heard much from the newly-weds. Chantel, who is still grieving for her father, has accused me of being made of stone. Obviously she shares your opinion on the matter. However I am pleased that you and Chelsea have such a close relationship, she feels very close to both you and her Aunt Natalia. I thought Natalia might move back in with us after Beppe died but she said that she’s happier on her own, with her own thermostat.

It’s terrible news about poor Stella. Chantel is convinced that she couldn’t live without her husband but Chelsea is quick to point out that Tino’s death could not scientifically cause his wife’s heart to stop beating.

We look forward to seeing Ruth this summer, please remind her to buy Saint Cloud subway tickets in advance to save 15%.

Your sister,

7 thoughts on “2.16 A Pure Bride

    1. Marsar, my Sim weddings are frustrating but fun (just like real life!). It’s interesting to see Chelsea develop in the “House of Brooklyn” – I’m sure she’s really dreaming about soft, cozy pajamas! Thanks again for your comments 🙂

    1. Thanks for all your kind comments Amanda! I’m so glad you took the time to read all the letters and get caught up 🙂

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